Jun 2, 2020

2I/Borisov isn’t like *other* comets… ⁠ ⁠ Actually, it’s dramatically differen…

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2I/Borisov will not be like *completely different* comets… ⁠

Actually, it’s dramatically utterly completely different than most comets we’ve got seen sooner than. ⁠

In 2019, astronomers made an unbelievable discovery: a comet from a particular star system making an in depth technique to the Photo voltaic at an particularly unusual trajectory, which was later named “2I/Borisov” after the beginner astronomer who discovered it.⁠

Now, a model new analysis by a world group of researchers led by NASA has revealed one factor extraordinarily unusual: gasoline emanating from the comet contained unusually extreme portions of carbon monoxide — as a lot as 26 events bigger than that of the everyday comet.⁠

The reality that they found any carbon monoxide isn’t in itself unusual. It’s among the usually found molecules in home. Nevertheless the terribly extreme focus puzzled the researchers. ⁠

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