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-Review- Star Wars: Darth Vader issue 7 by Greg Pak and Raffaele Lenco. Story R…

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-Overview- Star Wars: Darth Vader subject 7 by Greg Pak and Raffaele Lenco.

Story Score: 4.5/5
Art work Score: 4.5/5
Cowl Score: 4/5

Darth Vader, battered and damaged by the Emperor as punishment for his riot, drags himself throughout the blasted floor of Mustafar with vengeance on his thoughts! However can he survive the onslaught of a sure mysterious Sith Murderer? And the way will his world change when he learns his enemy’s biggest secret?

This collection simply has me frequently counting the times till the subsequent subject. In case you are a fan of the Darkish Lord that is one comedian you MUST READ! Have you ever ever puzzled how Darth Vader lives with himself after killing harmless Jedi and younglings? Have you ever Ever wished to see Darth Vader close to demise, combating for his life whereas pondering his weaknesses?

This subject actually explores all of that and extra. I’ve by no means been a die onerous fan of the the Star Wars franchise however I do actually get pleasure from them. I picked up this comedian as a result of Darth Vader is my favorite character. The story doesn’t disappoint and the paintings is simply wonderful.

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